“No, you have to eat all 7 courses”

After getting over the initial shock of having most moments in the day planned out for you, I discovered that I actually really enjoy being on a cruise. Every single meal was exquisite – a medley of Vietnamese and French fusion food. We always came away feeling like our stomachs were about to explode, no matter how hard we tried to exercise self-control.


One of my favourite organized excursions was out to a Ha Long Bay fishing village. 6 of us clambered into a little rowing boat and set off around the bay. As we were rowed round the sprawling village resting on the water, you could see dad starting to plan out his retirement and subsequent retreat here – no electricity meant that he would finally be able to get completely off the grid!


The best thing of all about the cruise, was that we were all waited on hand and foot. Towels, snacks, cocktails – all delivered straight to us! Although, as usual, none of us could compete with mum. She had exclusive pitchers of tea delivered to her room, extra helpings of her favourite food and special guided tours through cave excursions. But worst of all (or best of all), while she was swimming she would have someone towing her around.thumb_DSC06032_1024

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