“And the emperor had 531 wives…”

After another hectic, whirlwind day in Hanoi, we were due to head south by train to Hue. The journey from the hotel to the station went seamlessly – a stark contrast to the first time. But it didn’t stay that way. Just as I was falling asleep, all of the electricity cut out. Gone was … More “And the emperor had 531 wives…”

Packing Tantrums

Every year is the exact same story. No, not even every year, every single holiday. The night-before-the-holiday-packing-row. The dreaded night is finally upon us and the house is filled with shouting and screeching. “Where are my favourite shorts?”, “Why couldn’t you pack earlier?”, “Why do you have to bring so many bags? – I will … More Packing Tantrums