“And the emperor had 531 wives…”

After another hectic, whirlwind day in Hanoi, we were due to head south by train to Hue. The journey from the hotel to the station went seamlessly – a stark contrast to the first time. But it didn’t stay that way. Just as I was falling asleep, all of the electricity cut out. Gone was the air-con. Gone was the revolutionary music. And most significantly, gone were the lights in the loo – so we had to have an escort to hold a torch so you could pee!


Almost as soon as we arrived in Hue we set off for some hardcore sightseeing. We travelled down the Perfume River to the Pagoda. Beautiful, serene and very zen – it was easy to imagine spending hours doing yoga or meditating there! From there we made our way to the citadel/Imperial city. While we were exploring the citadel, no matter where we went, we kept bumping into these old Viet Cong veterans on a reunion. Two hours later, at the end of our expedition, they had apparently gotten so comfortable with us that they were barking orders about where we should sit, stand and walk…

Part of our army escort
The North gate of the Imperial Palace

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