Raja Ampat – the gem of the Pacific Ocean

We set off that morning in high spirits. We started walking towards the pier after being assured it was less than 500m down the road. However after what seemed like hours of walking in the mid-day heat we caved and flagged down a little microlet, piling in all our backpacks and just managing to squeeze … More Raja Ampat – the gem of the Pacific Ocean

Ternate & Tidore

Ternate and Tidore. The fabled spice islands. What better place to kick back and relax? Unfortunately, we were still in Hong Kong mode, rushing from one site to the next. I’m not entirely sure why were rushing round, all the sites were forts. Spanish forts, Dutch forts, Portuguese forts. We saw them all. So hectic … More Ternate & Tidore

K.M. Permata Bunda

We clambered onto the ship via a long, swaying and feeble plank of wood, moved through the galleys and emerged onto the deck where we had decided to splash out a little for a cabin. However, when we opened the door to our cabin, a face glared out at us from within. It had been … More K.M. Permata Bunda