“So locals only pay 5000 Dong?!?!”

DSC06357Our escapades in Hoi An took on a new direction when mum and dad spotted a tiny, packed, little ferry just about to take off. Apparently this was their cue to jump on, dragging us with them. Of course they had absolutely no idea where the ferry was headed, how long it would take and if we could ever get back. Most of the journey was spent haggling down the fee from 60000 Dong to 50000 (we later learnt that it only cost 20000 for the four of us and on the journey back the ferryman had to accept it after a very menacing look from mum). Shortly after the transaction took place we docked at a quaint little island with one pier.


The locals on the ferry with us soon dispersed and we were free to wander the island by ourselves. Strolling through the villages we soon acquired a small following of young boys, shouting, running about and showing off.

DSC06353 After exploring the island for an hour, dad decided that he wanted to explore a farm “just down the road”. That’s when Katie had it. She stopped dead and refused to move another step, demanding that we return immediately. Refusing to be cowed by the challenge dad and mum strode down the road towards the farm, leaving Katie where they stood. It was only the intervention of a savage guard dog blocking their way, which prevented this from becoming a full-blown war. Smug in her victory, Katie led the way back home.

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