“But how will I get back if you both die?!”

Perhaps the most bizarre experience of our Hoi An stay occurred when we were out on our bikes, exploring. It was a classic sweltering Vietnamese day and we had just reached the sea. The three of us wandered on to the beach – and all of a sudden we were transported back to World War One.

The ‘beach’ we were standing on was clearly man made – we could tell because it wasn’t so much a beach as a large pile of unopened sandbags. This strange set up was coupled with a long line of sharp wooden stakes protruding just where the waves broke onto the shore. The resulting effect was the swimmers would get carried by the waves and impaled by the wooden stakes.

Never ones to be sensible – dad and I rushed in – while Katie waited on the shore in horror and disbelief. And let me tell you, the danger was so real!

The stakes are a lot longer and scarier than I could capture in this photo

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