Stop fondling my passion fruits!

“STOKIEEEEEEEE!! HELP MEEE!!” That was something that we came to hear again and again throughout our first day exploring Hanoi. The traffic in Vietnam is infamous and we found out firsthand. Everytime you crossed the street, it felt like you were putting your life on the line as an army of motorcycles charged towards you. Mum couldn’t handle the stress, so each time we crossed the street we would hold her hand and form a protective barrier around her. On the occasion that we got distracted buying the most delicious-looking passion fruits from a little stall and forgot her about her: “STOKIEEEEEE!! HELP ME!!”

We spent the day stopping off in cafes, little street restaurants and markets. Sampling Vietnamese coffee, fresh fruit juices, and of course, Pho. The excitement of our day reached its peak when we were making our way back to the hotel and Katie had her passion fruits fondled by a random man on the street – perhaps a reflection of our delirious state of exhaustion.


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